Thursday, May 28, 2009

Ten Things I've Never Bought...

My cousin BJ has tagged me for a meme: Ten Things I've Never Bought. Why seems to be irrelevant. Here's my list:

1. A pack of cigarettes. I have only smoked one cigarette in my entire life. Actually, I have only taken one puff of a cigarette in my entire life. I coughed and sputtered and couldn't stand the taste. I've never been tempted by another.

2. A new car. My mother-in-law buys a new car every couple of years or so and we are able to purchase her well-maintained, pre-owned vehicle at a bargain price. I'm more interested in dependability than in keeping up with the Joneses, so I won't feel cheated if I go through life never having owned a new car. However, should I someday win the lottery and decide to buy a new car, it would be a cute little sports car and yes, BJ, mine would also be bright red.

3. A horse. When Sunshine was about seven or eight years old, she begged for a horse. I told her that when she turned sixteen, she could have either a horse or a car, her choice. On her sixteenth birthday, Grandma P gave her a 1966 Mustang, so I guess she got both the horse and the car!

4. A motorhome. Cousin BJ and I are alike in a lot of ways, but we differ on this one. I would love to take off across country in a motor home with no schedules to meet, just going wherever I felt like going and staying as long as I wanted to. What freedom. Of course, since I sometimes have trouble navigating a shopping cart, I might be quite dangerous trying to drive a motor home!

5. A motorcycle. I grew up with motorcycles--my Dad owned one even before I was born. They're fun, but I've heard of too many fatal accidents involving motorcycles to be interested in owning one.

6. Contact lenses. I've worn glasses since the early grades and think I would feel naked without them.

7. DVR. I don't really know why I've never bought a digital recorder. Maybe because we don't watch very much T.V. We tend to watch old T.V. shows on dvd. (Oh, no! Is this a sign I'm getting old)?

8. Ipod. I have an MP3 player that I really enjoy. It doesn't bother me that it is not an Ipod brand.

9. DSLR. I'm not a very good photographer so I don't feel I can justify one at this time. But, if I ever "outgrow" my present camera, my next purchase will be a DSLR.

10. A biscotti pan. I haven't bought one yet, but intend to buy one soon. Sunshine made some really tasty biscotti not too long ago, but she had to spread the dough/batter out on a cooky sheet. I want to buy the proper pan so it will be easier to make the biscotti the right size and shape the next time. (Hint, hint, Sunshine)!

There you have it--10 things I've never bought. Some I'll probably never buy, others I hope to buy sometime. I'm not going to tag anyone in particular, but please feel free to play if you would like--it's a lot of fun!


  1. An excellent group of 10. The major reason I wouldn't enjoy a motorhome vacation is the knocking over gas pumps and such when trying to navigate ;) Of course, if I had one, it should be red!

  2. Enjoyed reading your choices. #1 is a terrific health choice. #2: lucky you! BTW, I smiled @ your sense of humor about a "cute red sports car." May I ride with you? #3: Oh, wow, an old "stang." I'd be basking in "Sunshine", too.
    I agree about "brands." I got a free I-touch b/c of a computer special, so that feeds both my "on the go" music and photo storage needs.
    Well, we finally broke down about a yr ago and are now a tad more "with it in the techno age." We rented a DVR; no one here watches much TV, but when we do, I have to say that the convenience of programming ahead, as opposed to our ancient VCR, has been absolutely wonderful!

    Wishing you a terrific week!(Sorry, that you have to hop from one link to another to get to me; I cannnot figure out why my typepad name doesn't work with this profile.That's not just on your blog. It's on anyone who uses this "select a profile."

    IT works for me if the "Select a profile" allows me to select a "name and url" to fill in. I understand why you don't want that option. I'm just glad you found me again!

  3. I love going away in our touring caravan, I would love to tour Scotland in a motorhome day...:-)
    Interesting selection of answers.

  4. Yep i am with my mum on the Motorhome for going to Scotland. I don't like travelling and Scotland is such a long way i would want to stop often so a Motorhome to use for a trip there would be really cool.

    Fun meme!

    Have a great weekend. :-)

  5. Hi Marguerite! That was fun! My favorite of yours was the biscotti pan! So that made me put down a 1) food processor and from there . . . 2) prescription sunglasses, 3) webcam 4) designer sneakers 5) koi pond 6) fancy grill for the deck 7) whirlpool for the bathtub 8) pet bird 9) paddle boat and 10) flat harp (hammered dulcimer). rest assured, these are not in my near future! Can't wait for your next challenge! Fondly, Margaret

  6. Hi Marguerite, glad you are ok too.
    Summer time is spliting my time, if that makes sense.
    Look forward to you returning to your blog...
    Take Care, Dina.....

  7. My grandma asked me to stop by and say hello. She says you like to write poetry too.

  8. Very interesting list!