Thursday, May 21, 2009

True Colours Thursday--Grey!

A little birdie told me...this week's True Colours Thursday features GREY

Sunshine & I spotted this little fellow last night as we were walking. She took the picture for me, as I am quite frightened of birds, even small ones.

This is my dearest feline friend, Snuggles. Shh! I think she is napping--her favourite pastime. I don't think the little birdie is in much danger from Snuggles, do you?

"Aw, took my picture when I wasn't expecting it. I'm so embarrassed!"

"Here, let me pose if you want a picture of me to post on your blog."

"Oh, an empty basket. Looks like it is just my size!"

True Colours Thursday is hosted by my friend, Blue. Be sure to visit her site to see more GREY pictures. Happy Thursday to all.


  1. oh - i didn't even think about doing my cats - I have 3 grey cats - i'm blaming it on mom!

  2. Oh, Snuggles is adorable! Especially hiding his little face. And curled up in the basket. The little grey bird looks pretty safe. Is it a phoebe? You got such a good close-up, it's almost possible to tell.

  3. It's a good thing snuggles likes to sleep, or there could be trouble for that bird. I can see why snuggles is your friend.

  4. Aww at the little bird and also snuggles, she is so cute. :-)

  5. Snap! Birds are lovely when they do not fly right by

    Snuggles looks a very fine Grey feline...:-)

    I missed this weeks..:-/

  6. adorable, esp. your cat in the basket!

  7. Snuggles is adorable! So is the bird!