Wednesday, February 18, 2009

True Colours Thursday--Blue!

This beautiful bow topped the white Christmas tree in my office. The tree was decorated with blue lights and blue ornaments.

I just finished baking a cake for a co-worker whose birthday is on Sunday. Sadly, she is battling cancer at the present time. I know she would appreciate your thoughts and prayers.

Nothing goes better with a piece of cake than a nice cup of coffee. Each evening after work, I enjoy some flavored coffee in this cup.

While sipping my coffee, I often enjoy watching a movie or enjoying some comedy. Monty Python is always a good choice for lots of laughs.

True Colours Thursday is brought to you by my friend Blue


  1. A fine selection of blues, the tea cup should be on post - LOL!


    PS - not sure whether its just me but when I load your blog Home page it shows no posts - wanted to catch up!

  2. Nothing like sitting down and giggling at Monty Python. But I must admit I prefer it with a glass of vino!

  3. What A lovely bow. I could wear it my hair!

  4. A beautiful Blue Rose Cup & saucer...

  5. The bow is a really nice shade of blue. Nothing goes better with cake than coffee, and served in a beautiful rose cup. I haven't watched Monty Python in ages. I'll have to drag them out of the cobwebs for a few laughs.

  6. I am going to pick a couple of cards up for BJ at the weekend, would you like me to get one for your sister too... :-)
    I like doing things in three'

  7. A nice Blue post, i am sorry about your friend. Good wishes and thoughts sent to her from me.

  8. I love your choices for blue, particularly the ribbon and the cup!!
    Oh, and Monty Python as well :)

  9. i felt i could reach out and touch that gorgeous blue bow! great blues.

  10. I heard it was your birthday!

    Happy, Happy, Birthday!