Saturday, February 7, 2009

Sunday Scribblings #149 -- Art

The Art of...Dumpster Diving

Hubby and I decided to drive to a nearby town for our bi-weekly grocery shopping trip today. Normally we go on Sunday after church, but today we were both experiencing a little cabin fever after enduring the winter snow and extreme cold temperatures of the past couple of weeks. Besides, Hubby wanted to visit a little shop that was closed on Sundays.

Part of our bi-weekly shopping routine involves a trip to the recycling dumpster to deposit our two-week collection of glass, plastic and steel cans. We’re not really tree huggers, but we try to be environmentally conscious and it does give us a sense of satisfaction to know that our outcast items will be re-incarnated into something useful rather than accumulating in a landfill somewhere.

As we approached the area, we noticed other recyclers were also taking advantage of the balmy weather. Since the two existing dumpsters were in use by the other recyclers, we were glad to see a third one had been added to the fleet.

Hubby popped the trunk of the car and hauled our bag of recyclables to dumpster #3. When I saw him poking around, I naturally assumed the dumpster was full and he was trying to rearrange some of the existing refuse to make room for our stuff.

But no, a closer look revealed he was pulling something out of the large bin. I groaned. Now, Hubby is a wonderful person, but he has had some past struggles with an addiction to dumpster diving. He had made some remarkable progress. In fact, I thought he was cured. But, alas, he seemed to be falling off the wagon today. Evidently the temptation was more than he could resist.

I called Sunshine, who had not accompanied us on the trip. “Guess what,” I said. “George (that’s what we call Hubby) is dumpster diving. Can you believe it?”

Just then Hubby opened the back door of the car. I was afraid to look, but at the same was overcome with horrified fascination. I slowly turned my head in time to see him loading the car with his newly acquired loot—books! I braced myself for more to come. Hubby has a passionate love affair with books and I knew he would not be able to leave any orphan books in a dark lonely dumpster. Sure enough, he made another trip and yet another.

Upon returning home, I googled “the art of dumpster diving” just to see what I would find. To my amazement, there is actually a book entitled The Art and Science of Dumpster Diving. I don’t think I’ll tell Hubby about it--he doesn’t need any tips. I think he already possesses a natural talent for dumpster diving. Besides, he doesn’t need any more books at this time.

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  1. I got a good laugh from this! Maybe I shouldn't laugh at your misfortune, though... Sorry!

  2. I can't believe there's a book about this...that's too funny! A great post, I found it very enjoyable! And yes, dare I say it, I have, on a number of occasions, come home with other people's books that they've dumped at the recycling place!

    Mine's up too. Happy Sunday!
    Bella :)

  3. ohh yeaaa this is funny ahree with bella mocha :)

    i loved all of it!
    bit by bit

  4. Neat! I love this story. My daughter and I were driving the freeway and saw a huge scatter of books at the edge. Blinkers on, we skedaddled to gather them all - quite fun - not much traffic at the time and we still laugh about our roadside pick-up!

  5. surprising or not, there is also a documentary about it i tihnk with the same name.. it really has quite a following.

  6. I knew I would enjoy this story the minute I saw the picture. I would have laughed harder if I wasn't so sore. Too much packing and carrying today!

  7. What a great story. I have bookshelves in every room of the house and they spawn books unaided, it seems. My hubby can't pass up a stack of books and it's worse now with e-bay and instant access to any book in the world. He just purchased a book on all the official plaids (tartans?) of Scotland. The cover is a stretchy cloth one--all paid looking. He is on his geneology kick right now.

  8. Cute story! Enjoyed reading. And I really did clean my desk! :)

  9. There's actually a book about it? Too funny.

    At least it was only a recycling bin, not a really nasty one...

  10. LOL.. that is funny, love that cartoon.

    Thank you for your comments on my * i will be away post* :-)

  11. I've left you an award, and the move is ongoing. There is way too much "stuff"!

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