Friday, April 24, 2009

True Colours Thursday-Rust!

RUST was a difficult color for me....

Until I remembered the RUST colored rocks we had seen in Sedona, Arizona.

More rocks from the Arizona trip Sunshine & I took last October.

Still more awesome Arizona rocks.

Another RUST rock. This picture taken from the parking lot of my workplace.

True Colours Thursday is hosted by my friend Blue. Be sure & visit her blog to see RUST pictures others have posted.


  1. Rust is the deepest color nature has to offer and no where more spectacular than Sedona (or your parking lot!). The contrast with that cerulean blue sky is so vivid. Didn't you just love Sedona? With its vortices and vibrations. Well, your color theme is fun. Thanks, Marguerite.

  2. Those are nice--wish I'd have thought of that. I need to post my pics--can't believe I'm so far behind... again :(

  3. Beautiful natural rust colours.
    I love the shapes of the rocks, they look like giant steps.... :-/

  4. Those are lovely Rust shots. Looks a beautiful place. :-)