Sunday, April 26, 2009

Sunday Scribblings #160 -- Follow!

I had a little fun with this week's Sunday Scribblings promt: FOLLOW.

To my Blogger friends:

There are so many great blogs to FOLLOW;
Without them my life would be HOLLOW.

Your friendship indeed I do HALLOW,
And in your companionship WALLOW.

I sit in the shade of a WILLOW,
Resting my head on a PILLOW.

The joy within starts to BILLOW
Forming words which my heart would BELLOW,

"Mr. Blogspot, you're such a dear FELLOW.
You've brought me so many good friends to FOLLOW!"


  1. Cute! and right back 'atcha:
    Life has indeed become sweet
    Since I met you, Marguerite!

  2. cute poem. i agree there are a lot of great blogs out there!!

  3. Love it! There are way too many great blogs to follow. I find myself reading way too much! I haven't posted, but immediately thought of how a pesky little sister used to 'follow' O around. Should have written about it, but had too much going on this weekend. It's spring!

  4. That was fun to read too....:-)

    I find blogging very time consuming, therefore run out of
    Very enjoyable though.

  5. Nice to read your very MELLOW poem and to see your 'colour' shots, which I hadn't chanced-upon before.

  6. Very nice.

    BTW... i am still following your blog, i just have not got round to changing over to public again and adding the photo etc. It is very time consuming and frustrating changing it the way they have it now. I don't like this new way much. :-(

    Anyway i am very glad i found your blog. :-)