Thursday, April 16, 2009

True Colours Thursday-Lime!

Late again...can't believe how quickly the weeks pass!

I love spring, when everything comes alive after a long winter.

This is my One Year Bible, a gift from my husband. I try to read it every day.

We love Monty Python. This is from Sunshine's collection.

A pencil pouch with pretty LIME designs.

True Colours Thursday is hosted by my friend Blue


  1. Nice Lime selection.
    I agree, the weeks are going by very quickly, i wont be putting mine on until the weekend, i am very late...hehe

  2. I love spring too...

    Time does seem to fly by.

    Nice Lime selection, I like a Catholic year diary, have not got one yet
    for this year...:-/

  3. I love what you do with colors! i use the chakra meanings with mine. (come see!). I like your blog very much.

  4. Very nice lime group. I especially like the pencil pouch. Wild!

  5. Thanks for your comments on my blog. I am pleased you are having an award, please do feel free to take both if you would like them.

    PS... you would have been on my list of 10 anyway. I just couldn't stop at only 10 blogs i like so i took the easy option. :-)

  6. Those violets (?) with the lime green leaves are the first sign of spring in our area. Right now the ground around our paths is lush with them. Spring has sprung!

  7. p.S. Thanks for visiting my daffodils today! Margaret

  8. I love Monty Python. We just watched the Holy Grail last week. Again.

    Great pencil case too :).