Saturday, December 20, 2008

Sunday Scribblings #142 -- Late!

Late is a child of our ancestor Time,
A threat that will always loom;
Covering my dimensional existence,
It imprisons me in a time cocoon.

Could I but penetrate those supple walls
How far my soul could soar
Free from earthly time constraints
To be late no more!

Ah, but enough of this ethereal musing
On these thoughts that are confusing.
I must stop, I’ve got to go…..
I’m late for work again—oh no!

"It gets late early out there." ~ Yogi Berra

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  1. Love the way the poem starts with a serious tone, but ends with humor. Very nice!

  2. Ah, Yogi berra. A wise man, especially for December. Your last stanza is perfectly balanced between insight and humor. Sometimes I wonder how much better we'd all be without wearing watches!

  3. I hate being late, but ..sometimes it is a fact of life.

  4. Catchy meter, great word choices and enjoyable.