Sunday, December 14, 2008

Sunday Scribblings #141: I Knew Instantly...

My daughter and I independently recounted this incident. My version is below. For her version, click here

I was excited! Christmas was just a week away and, though an adult in years, I was still a child at heart. Today was the annual “treat Sunday “at church. As my daughter and I left the building, we received a small paper bag containing various treats—usually candy, popcorn and an orange.

As we rounded the downtown square, I turned to my daughter and asked, “What’s in your treat bag?”

She opened the bag and found it contained the usual assortment of goodies. She picked out one of the candies and sighed, “Oh, it’s a Farley candy.”

Farley candy reminded me of Chuck & Betty Farley, a couple we had "met" on a previous trip to South Dakota. But, that is another story. Anyway, for some reason I have always had an affinity for spoonerisms. In my strongest, most ho! ho! ho! liday voice I shouted “Well, F…k Charley!”

I knew instantly that I should have silently rehearsed that spoonerism before blurting it out. Time stood still as many thoughts raced through my mind.

Oh, my gosh! Did I really say that? Here I am only two minutes away from church and I’m already shouting the “F” word to my 12-year old daughter. I must be a really unfit mother. And poor baby Jesus…what will He think? I didn’t mean to be irreverent. I really didn’t mean to say that.

As I sat frozen at the steering wheel wondering how to explain my outburst, both of us were struck with the humor of the situation. Simultaneously we burst into uncontrollable laughter. These were no giddy giggles, these were gargantuan guffaws that gave you a bellyache and made you cry so hard you couldn’t see. We carried on like this the remaining 10 miles home, hoping we wouldn’t meet a cop. He would surely accuse me of sipping too much eggnog.

Well, they say all’s well that ends well. And things did turn out just fine. My daughter was apparently unaffected by that unexpected encounter with the “F” word, I know Jesus understood and forgave my foolishness and I learned to quit using those spoonerisms.

Crappy Histmas to all!

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  1. And another writer emerges from the family. Did you know you were good at this?

  2. I am sure Jesus must also be laughing! I enjoyed reading your words.

  3. Hi, I'm laughing hard. I also like spoonerisms and a blogger with a good sense of humor!
    Glad to have found you through SUn. Scribblings. Hope you stop by.- Comment box won't let me sign in with direct link but if you go to my old Blogger page which is this link on the comment, you'll see my url or you can cut and paste it. :)


  4. glad you could share a bonding moment. good story. this was my favorite line: These were no giddy giggles, these were gargantuan guffaws that gave you a bellyache and made you cry so hard you couldn’t see.

  5. Oooh Naughty! He he. I like spoonerisms. Even if I had to click on the link to see what they were.

  6. Well, we all make mistakes like that. Might as well laugh as cry. Kids need to see how adults handle it, so they can handle it when they slip.

  7. I just remembered one of my husband's finest spoonerisms: He was preaching about the wiles of the Devil and quoted a scripture about the "fiery darts of the Wicked".. only he said "Diery farts of the Devil."