Friday, March 13, 2009

True Colours Thursday-Violet (a little late)

I really had a hard time finding something violet to photograph for this week's meme. But as I was eating lunch at my Mom's house today, I found some pretty cards on her refrigerator. Aha! some pretty violets.

Pretty flowers from a birthday card

With love to Mother (from me)

More flowers from the same card

Pretty violet card from one of the grandkids

Lovely violets, one of my favourite flowers. These were on another one of Mom's cards. I'm glad she saves those cards.

True Colours Thursday is the brainchild of my friend Blue. Be sure to stop by and see all the pretty violets.


  1. Beautiful cards and belated Happy Birthday to your mum!

    I struggled with Violet, even though it is a colour i quite like i couldn't find

  2. Violet sure was a challenge! You lucked out in finding some really nice examples.

  3. Those are beautiful cards and very soft pretty colours...........